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Discover Poochie's cage-free dog grooming services in Sarasota, Florida, suitable for all breeds and sizes. They offer high-quality, all-natural, and gentle shampoos, conditioners, as well as de-shedding treatments.

As a devoted Pup-Parent, you understand that your pet's health and well-being extend beyond vaccinations and check-ups. Grooming is often seen as a luxury, but it's an essential aspect of maintaining your furry companion's health, happiness, and beauty. Regular grooming sessions can be more than just pampering; they provide an opportunity for pet groomers to identify any growths, sores, or infections that might have remained unnoticed.


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Pet Grooming Is a Moderate Luxury and So Much More

Regular grooming is essential to your dog’s health. When fur is allowed to get dirty and matted it increases your dog’s chances of
flea and tick infections, irritated skin from matting, hot spots from constantly trying to scratch that itch and an increase in skin allergies due
to uncleanliness.

Regular nail clippings and ear cleaning is just as important. Ear infections can be avoided with regular ear cleaning and inside ear hair plucking. Nail cutting, as well, is very important to the overall health of the dog because excessively long nails can lead to tendon and ligament problems which can make it very painful for your Pooch when walking.

It is our recommendation that your Pooch be groomed every four to eight weeks in order to be kept in optimal health and comfort. If you have difficulty getting your beloved pet to be groomed we will happily send Poochie’s Pet Taxi to pick him/her up and deliver back to you a beautifully groomed, self confident Pooch.

Pet Grooming Services We Proudly Offer

Poochie's Pampered Pups offers a full menu of pet grooming services you can schedule for your pet, including:

  • Bath and coat conditioning
  • Specialized shampoo applications available**
  • Post-bath blow dry and brush out
  • Full body fur trimming, trimming, shaping and styling
  • Focused attention on facial fur trimming and care
  • Deep De-shedding available as an add-on called Fur-minator
  • Nail trimming and filing
  • Ear cleaning and excessive hair removal
  • Sanitary areas trimmed
  • Anal glands expression (if requested/needed)
  • Doggy nail polish (available by request)
  • Feather fur extensions (available by request)
  • Placement of bandannas and bows

Is It Time to Schedule Your Pet's Next Grooming Appointment?

Is your dog starting to look extra shaggy?  It may be the right time to schedule your next pet grooming appointment with our gentle, caring and thorough pet stylist by calling us at (941) 312-4969. 

Grooming Prices

Prices subject to vary per dog based upon coat condition and difficulty. Size of the dog will be determined by staff.  Grooming includes: bath, brushing, blow-out, haircut, nail trim and file, anal glands expression, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, and a spritz of perfume. All groom dogs receive a free day of daycare.

Small Dog
Medium Dog$79
Large Dog$109
X-Large Dog$149
Standard Poodle$149
Puppy's FIRST Grooming** (see new puppy page)*$59


 Includes: bath, brushing, blow-out, nail trim and file, anal glands expression, ear cleaning, blueberry facial, and a spritz of perfume.


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