Frequently Asked Questions

We want to welcome you and your dog to try Poochie's Dog Daycare, Dog Grooming or Dog Boarding! Here are some common questions we receive. If your question isn't on here, please feel free to Call (941) 312-4969 or email us anytime [email protected]!

What is a Temperament Test?

For your dog's first day for dog daycare, you will need to sign up for a "Temperament Test". This is where we put your pup in a large (fenced) area, off-leash, and slowly one by one introduce other dogs (their size and temperament). You can watch! Although if you dog is very closely attached to you, we may ask that you watch from the office or from around the corner. A Temp Test, only takes 5-10 minutes. After your pup passes, he or she is invited to stay the day, for free!! During the Temp Test, a pet parent must stay on the property, in case the rare chance your pup does not pass.

How do I setup a Temperament Test?

Temperament Tests are only scheduled Monday-Friday between the hours of 10am and 3pm. If you need another time, we may be able to make an exception. To schedule, please call us (941) 312-4969 email us directly at [email protected]

How do I book an appointment for Dog Grooming?

The quickest way is to call us during business hours, (941) 312-4969. Also, you request an appointment on our website, or email us directly at [email protected]. (Please allow 24-48 hours for us to respond to emails, groom appointments, are scheduled by first come, first served).

Do you separate dogs by size in doggie daycare?

Yes, we do! Well, we like to separate dogs by their size AND temperament. After 9 years doing this, we've learned dogs function best where they feel safe and comfortable. A small dog might have a big personality so (so the parents' permission) they can hang with "big dogs". Conversely, a dog breed puppy (like a Great Dane) might be very scared of other large dogs, so then they are best in the "small dog room". As your dog grows and adapts to dog daycare, they might shift between groups. We want your dog to be the happiest they can be, so sometimes they pick the room they want to be in!

What is "All Day Play" in doggy daycare?

All Day Play means we never crate your dog! We have large indoor (air conditioned or heated) areas, separated by size. Three separate outdoor "meadows" for running, jumping, playing and lounging. Every other doggy daycare in town offers "play groups" or mandated "relaxation time". We like the dogs' to decide when they want to run and play, and when they want to curl up on one of our many lifted dog beds to relax and maybe nap. 

Can dogs swim in dog daycare?

Absolutely! If your pup loves water, we offer two different options for supervised swimming. We have a large people-pool, that the large dogs go crazy for! Also, we offer a lounging pool or "kiddie-pool" for dogs of all sizes, if they're not into the full size pool. Dogs are constantly supervised during swim time! Of course, if you don't want your dog in the full size pool, we follow your instructions! The full size pool is available, weather permitting and it is separate from all parts of regular dog daycare.

Are you really the best at grooming Doodles?

Yes, we are! We are well known for our round face doodle cuts! No poodle looks on doodles over here! Please plan ahead, our dog grooming services are usually booked out two months in advance.

Can you groom to breed standards?

We sure can! Not to be full of ourselves, but our groomer is Awesome! She will knock your socks off, with how good your dog will look (and smell) after being groomed at Poochie's.

Do you offer dog boarding?

Yes, we do! Since we are a totally cage free dog daycare during the day, our dog boarding is also cage free. To qualify for our dog boarding, your pup must attend our daycare at least 10 days, prior to their boarding reservation. The days do not have to be concurrent. Why? Because we need to see how your dog interacts with all dogs. This way we know how to keep them safe while you're out of town.

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