Meet the Team

  • Bond Smith

    Bond Smith is the owner and operator of Poochie's alongside her husband, Dennis. The pair have owned Poochie's for 6 years. Bond is heavily invested in your pup's wellness, and is continually brainstroming innovative spa-options to provide your pup. Bond has 10 years of animal care experience. When you choose to board your dog, he or she will be boarded within Bond's personal home in a completely cage-free environment. 

  • Dennis Smith
    Owner, Taxi Driver

    Dennis Smith is the co-owner and operator of Poochie's alongside his wife, Bond. Dennis is a Sarasota native, with vast experience with a wide range of dog breeds, temperaments, and sizes. He is also the Poochie's pet taxi driver and you can often find carting pups back and forth to daycare.

  • Allison K

    Meet our groomer Allison! She is an Illinois native, with an impressive grooming background. She is versed in grooming all breeds, including but not limited to: Doodles, Standard Poodles, German Shepherds, Toy Breeds, and Terriers. Interested in booking an appointment with her? Call (941) 312-4969.

  • Sydney P
    Assistant Manager

    Meet our assistant manager Sydney! Sydney is originally from Pennsylvania and is actively pursuing degrees in both Biology and Psychology with a focus on animal behavior at Eckerd College. Previously, Sydney has cared for exotic animals at Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary and Mote Marine Laboratory. She designs most of Poochie's advertising material as well as our social media and website content. 

  • Maddie M
    Assistant Manager

    Meet our newest assistant manager, Maddie! Maddie has been with Poochie's for over 2 years, and you can often see her accompanied by her jack Russel, Chip. Having started as a daycare attendant, Maddie is well versed in the daily in-and-outs of canine care. With her smiling and gentle disposition, Maddie exemplifies the Poochie's culture. 

  • Mykayla K
    Daycare Attendant

    Meet our daycare attendant Mykayla! When Mykayla is not at Poochie's, she can often be found at the race track in Lakeland, FL. She is a lover of great danes and pit bull mixes, but will happily snuggle with any pup that comes her way. 

  • Rheagan S
    Daycare Attendant

    Meet our daycare attendant, Rheagan! Rheagan is quite the jokester and never fails to make the Poochie's staff laugh. She considers her best friend to be Rheagan the great dane who is often accompanied by her brother Reacon, to doggy daycare. 

  • Lohana D.S.
    Daycare Attendant

    Lohanna (Lo for short) has been with Poochie's for 3 years. She is originally from Brazil, making her bilingual in both English and Spanish. You can often see Lo accompanied by her chihuahua mix, Koda. 

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