Cage Free Doggy Daycare

We offer cage free and restraint free doggy daycare for dogs 8 weeks of age and older! Doggy Day/Play care is for dog owners who are at work all day, have social engagements and/or errands during the day. Because dogs have no sense of time, they have no idea when you will return home. This leads us to believe that the rise in animal anxiety and separation issues stem from dogs being left alone for long hours. 

When your pooch returns home, he or she will be ready to relax. We provide both indoor and outdoor facilities equipped with toys, beds and pools. We want you to be secure in the knowledge that Poochie’s is the perfect place for your pup. Please call in advance for a temperament evaluation. Poochie’s cannot accept aggressive dogs.

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Doggy Daycare Requirements:

  • Rabies, Bordetella, and Distemper Vaccinations
  • Males over 6 months of age must be neutered
  • Completed temperament test on location; call (941) 312-4969 to book
  • Completed new client paperwork

Daycare Times:

  • Drop off anytime during open hours
  • Full day = over 5 hours
  • Half day = under 5 hours
  • Lunch Special = 2 hours or less

*Pups under 30 lbs are considered small and pups over 30 lbs are considered large.

Doggy Daycare- Price per day- Large Dogs

1st Dog2nd Dog
Full Day$33$28
Half Day$23$18
2 Hour Special$13$13

Doggy Daycare- Price per day - Small Dogs

1st Dog2nd Dog
Full Day$30$25
Half Day$20$15
2 Hour Special$11$11

Doggy Daycare- Discount Packages (expires 1 year)

Small 1st Dog Small 2nd Dog Large 1st DogLarge 2nd Dog
10 Full Day Package$265$220$295$250
10 Half Day Package$180$145$210$150
20 Full Day Package$490$445$550$505
20 Half Day Package$340$295$400$355
5 Full Days + 5 Half Days$222.50$182.50$252.50$200

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