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Welcome to Poochie's Pampered Pups
Your Groomers/Boarders in Sarasota FL

Poochie's Pampered Pups is a cage free boarding and grooming facility and welcomes your pet. Bond and Dennis Smith has years of experience caring for four-legged clientele. 

At Poochie's Pampered Pups, we treat your pups like the valued family members they are.

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Meet Our Skilled Team

  • Dennis Smith
    Owner, Taxi Driver

    Dennis Smith is the co-owner and operator of Poochie's alongside his wife, Bond. Dennis is a Sarasota native, with vast experience with a wide range of dog breeds, temperaments, and sizes. He is also the Poochie's pet taxi driver and you can often find carting pups back and forth to daycare.

  • Sydney P
    Manager of Operations

    Meet our Manager, Sydney! Sydney is originally from Pennsylvania and is actively pursuing degrees in both Biology and Psychology with a focus on animal behavior at Eckerd College. Previously, Sydney has cared for exotic animals at Elmira's Wildlife Sanctuary and Mote Marine Laboratory. She designs most of Poochie's advertising material as well as our social media and website content. 

  • Allison K

    Meet our groomer Allison! She is an Illinois native, with an impressive grooming background. She is versed in grooming all breeds, including but not limited to: Doodles, Standard Poodles, German Shepherds, Toy Breeds, and Terriers. Interested in booking an appointment with her? Call (941) 312-4969.

  • Bond Smith

    Bond Smith is the owner and operator of Poochie's alongside her husband, Dennis. The pair have owned Poochie's for 6 years. Bond is heavily invested in your pup's wellness, and is continually brainstroming innovative spa-options to provide your pup. Bond has 10 years of animal care experience. When you choose to board your dog, he or she will be boarded within Bond's personal home in a completely cage-free environment. 


Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Perfection for Pets, Plus!

    Our family & Portuguese Water Dog are thrilled with Poochie's staff, facilities, hours and boarding options. Our Portie absolutely goes crazy when we pull into the street knowing she will have another fun "play care" day @ Poochie's. We feel confident in the professional & pleasant staff. Our dog is exhausted from a full day of fun in the clean indoor/outdoor facilities. They also offer some excellent healthy treats, retail and grooming options. Thank you!"
    Bambi F.
  • "My dog loves going here! The staff remembers him and his name on sight, they are all very professional and kind. They care about how the dogs get along and that each dog is in proper health before interacting. They are reasonably priced and offer package deals. The hours are convenient for me as well. I would recommend this place to anyone, no hesitations."
    Mandy T.
  • "Excellent!!! My Ally and Joey did overnights and they loved it! Poochies pampered pets is clean with no odor and has an excellent caring staff. Dogs are not caged free to roam in a safe clean cheerful environment— would not go anywhere else it’s worry free leaving them with people who care"
    Connie M.
  • "I love Poochies! Today was Milo’s 2nd time there & he loves it! The staff is so friendly & it’s so clean inside. Great way to socialize with other dogs & he sure does come home tired!"
    Allie R.
  • "Our dog loves it...... if she could count the days to her next play date she would!"
    Angela Y.
  • "Very Nice staff! Today's the first day dropping Colt off for doggie daycare. The staff made us feel at ease and the dogs in there look really happy! Great place so your dog isn't home alone bored all day"
    Justin O.
  • "For daycare, you can't beat Poochie's. They separate dogs by temperament, not just size, which is so important & often overlooked. They also offer great training classes. Check out the PUPPY SOCIALIZATION & FOCUS classes with Positively Simple Dog Training!!"
    JA S.
  • "Our Eli loves this place he can’t wait to get in the door and play. All the staff is wonderful and friendly wish that’s huge 👍🏼
    This place is awesome!!"
  • "Best place for dogs. Our dogs high is always exhausted after she's there and being a husky that's exactly what she needs!"
    Alison S.

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